Unveiling the Impressive Eufy Security Indoor Cam C120: A Comprehensive Review of Performance, Price, and Specs

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Eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 is a cost-effective solution for those who want HomeKit-compatible cameras without breaking the bank. HomeKit is an ideal choice for Apple users as it integrates compatible home devices into the Apple ecosystem.

Eufy’s Security Indoor Cam C120 is a compact camera that offers 2K resolution at 125-degree FOV, with night vision capability and a microphone for two-way conversations. It features an adjustable neck for flexible positioning and a microSD card slot for local video storage.

The camera can be connected using the Eufy Security app or the Home app, both offering different features and settings. The Eufy Security app provides customization options for video, audio, and notifications, including a unique Pet Command feature. On the other hand, the Home app integration allows for easy access to live feeds, recorded moments, and other HomeKit accessories.

Overall, the Eufy Security Indoor Cam C120 is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a HomeKit-compatible camera with versatile features and easy app connectivity.

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