The Gigabyte FV43U: Review of a Good Monitor for Office Use

When it comes to office work, your monitor is one of the most important tools needed to be efficient. It impacts how you look at your work and makes a huge difference in how productive you are. This article takes a look at some of the best monitors for office use that offer good quality and effective design. The Gigabyte FV43U is a good monitor for office use. It has a wide aspect ratio, so it can be used for both gaming and watching movies. The monitor also has an energy-saving mode in case you’re running on battery power. The Gigabyte FV43U is a good monitor for office use because it has a high resolution (1920×1080) and supports a refresh rate of 60hz. It also has an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the height as well as tilt the monitor to your preference. The price range of this monitor is moderate, so it can be used by most office workers. read more

How to set up a connection via RDP. RDP connection protection. Does the system support work with a terminal server?

Surely, many of you have heard and seen this abbreviation – it is translated literally as the protocol remote desktop (the Remote Desktop Protocol). If someone is interested in the technical subtleties of this application-level protocol, they can read the literature starting from the same Wikipedia. Purely practical aspects must be considered. read more