Unpacking the VOCOlinc VHI: A Comprehensive Review of Specs, Performance, and Price

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Review of the VOCOlinc VHI: A Humidifier and Night Lamp Combination

The VOCOlinc VHI serves a dual purpose as a humidifier and a large night lamp, making it a versatile addition to any room. Humidity control can help alleviate congestion and coughing, as well as improve sleep quality, depending on the prevailing conditions. VOCOlinc offers a range of smart products compatible with HomeKit, including lightbulbs, plugs, and desk lamps. The VHI, like other VOCOlinc products, has received positive reviews from AppleInsider.

The VHI features a two-in-one design, combining a humidifier and a light source. It is larger in size, measuring 7 x 7 x 9.8 inches, and is lightweight at 2.38 pounds. The base of the device houses control buttons for ambient lighting, mist intensity, and a timer. A water reservoir with a capacity of up to 2.5 liters is located above the base, and the top compartment contains a light that can produce 16 million colors and one million lighting effects. The VHI also features a waterless detection device to automatically shut off when the water supply is depleted.

In addition to adding moisture to the air, the VHI allows users to add essential oils to the water for aroma diffusion. Maintenance of the VHI is relatively simple, requiring cleaning and water refilling every 3-5 days. The VHI can be connected to the Home app or its native VOCOlinc app for remote control and customization. Voice control through Siri and automation integration are also supported. While the initial set-up may require manual input of the HomeKit code, the app offers customization options for different lighting effects and humidifier settings.

Throughout our experience with the VHI, it proved to be a reliable and quiet humidifying device that blends seamlessly into the environment. It responded promptly to voice commands and effectively maintained humidity levels. The soft lighting and silent operation were conducive to a comfortable sleep environment. Overall, the VOCOlinc VHI offers extensive customization and functional features, making it a worthwhile option for those seeking a humidifier-dehumidifier with additional lighting capabilities.

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