Mastering Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide to Running Basic and Advanced Shortcuts on iPhone and Mac

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Apple’s Shortcuts app offers plenty of built-in examples to get started, but there are third-party apps and advanced scripting methods to take the tool even further. The Shortcuts app is an integral part of the iOS ecosystem, designed to automate various tasks on Apple devices. It provides a range of pre-made shortcuts and an intuitive interface, enhancing productivity and user interaction with their devices. The true potential of the Shortcuts app lies in integrating with third-party applications and advanced scripting methods. These resources enable users to create more complex, personalized, and efficient workflows. Third-party apps offer specialized actions and triggers, while advanced scripting methods allow users to customize their shortcuts to fit their unique needs. These capabilities make the Shortcuts app a powerful and versatile tool for Apple device users. The Gallery tab in the Shortcuts app offers a wide variety of pre-built shortcuts for users, ranging from accessibility to photography and writing. Additionally, third-party apps provide actions for shortcuts, such as downloading videos from the web and summarizing articles. More advanced users can leverage AppleScript to automate actions of the Mac and its applications using a straightforward, English-like language. By using JavaScript for Automation (JXA) or AppleScript, users can tailor their computing environment to their specific needs, enhancing their overall experience and effectiveness in using their Mac.

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