Severe devastation struck Slovenia as torrential rains and flash floods wreaked havoc across the nation

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Resulting in the tragic loss of at least three lives and necessitating urgent evacuations. The calamity unfolded on Friday, leaving destruction in its wake as the relentless downpours overwhelmed regions in the north, northwest, and central parts of Slovenia.The gravity of the situation prompted Slovenia’s environmental agency, ARSO, to escalate the weather alert to its highest level. In a shocking turn of events, the equivalent of a month’s worth of rain was recorded within a mere 24 hours, inundating roads, bridges, and buildings and leaving a trail of chaos and devastation.

As the rain persisted throughout Friday, authorities sounded the alarm for additional flood threats in various other areas, fueled by rapidly swelling rivers and watercourses. Slovenian police reported to the STA news agency that the destructive weather has claimed the lives of three individuals. Among the victims was a Slovenian woman in the town of Kamnik, while two Dutch nationals tragically lost their lives in a mountainous vicinity near Kranj. Police spokesperson Maja Adlešič Ciperle indicated that the death in Kamnik might have been attributed to flooding, while the mountainous fatalities were potentially linked to lightning strikes. Investigations are ongoing to establish the exact circumstances of these unfortunate deaths.

Support efforts have been swift, with army soldiers collaborating with emergency personnel in the recovery operations. Defense Minister Marjan Sarec issued an urgent plea to citizens, urging those without immediate obligations to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel to ensure their safety.Heartrending images featured in local media depicted submerged vehicles, fractured roads, and entire villages submerged beneath the deluge. Among the heroic scenes were rescuers evacuating children from a blocked kindergarten and helicopters airlifting stranded individuals from the rooftops of their inundated homes.

In light of this catastrophe, President Natasa Pirc Musar conveyed condolences to the bereaved families and encouraged unity among citizens in these trying times. She implored people to offer assistance to the elderly and vulnerable members of society who require support.Even the nation’s Prime Minister, Robert Golob, truncated his summer vacation to address the pressing situation caused by the floods. This calamity follows a series of severe storms that battered Slovenia earlier in the summer, leaving roofs damaged, thousands of trees uprooted, and resulting in the loss of several lives across the region.Environmental experts highlight that these extreme weather events are exacerbated by the effects of climate change. Europe, too, witnessed unprecedented heatwaves and battled rampant wildfires during the summer, underscoring the urgent need for global climate action.

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