Reinventing the Computer: Can Apple Vision Pro Lead the Way?

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Image of the original Mac in 1984: Apple reinvention

Apple is counting down to the launch of its new Vision Pro in the new year, prompting a look back at its history of successful computing platform reinventions. In 1984, the original Mac not only revolutionized computer usage but also changed how software was developed, establishing shared conceptual conventions for all apps. Before the Mac, desktop computing was chaotic, with apps functioning differently on every computer. The Mac’s uniform design standards led to Microsoft adopting similar features in Windows 95. However, Apple lost its lead as it prioritized non-profitable ventures and failed to control the underlying technologies powering its products. By 1996, it faced a dramatic decline. Despite this, Apple later surprised the tech world with its reinvention of mobile computing in 2007 with the iPhone, dominated the MP3 market with the iPod, and successfully introduced the Macintosh. These consistent reinventions attest to Apple’s ability to adapt to technology trends and emerge as a leader.

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