The Dominant Role of AI/ML in iOS: How Apple Relies on Advanced Technology

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Apple may not be a flashy company when it comes to artificial intelligence features, but they have a lot of smart capabilities spread across iOS and macOS. Although Apple doesn’t explicitly talk about AI, they utilize machine learning as a catch-all for AI initiatives, with noticeable applications in their software keyboard, Siri, TrueDepth camera and Face ID, the Photos app, the Camera app, the Calendar app, and the stock keyboard in iOS 17. Furthermore, Apple has incorporated machine learning in watchOS for features that help track sleep, hand washing, and heart health. Apple’s work in AI could also be leading to the development of the Apple Car.

Apple continues to rely on machine learning and there are rumors that they are developing their own chatGPT-like experience, which could significantly boost Siri in the future. In February 2023, Apple held a summit focused entirely on AI, indicating that they are not moving away from the technology. Through their work in artificial intelligence, Apple is preparing for the future, whether it includes the release of a vehicle or other innovative tech.

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