OpenAI in Turmoil as Employees Revolt Against Sudden Firings

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ChatGPT, created by co-founder and former CEO Sam Altman, is at the center of growing controversy due to the sudden firing of Altman by OpenAI. Altman was notified only a minute before the announcement, causing shock among OpenAI investors, including Microsoft. In a dramatic turn of events, Altman is now leading an advanced AI research team at Microsoft, marking a significant loss for OpenAI, especially since its president, Greg Brockman, quit in support of Altman. Amid conflicting reports about Altman’s firing, and an interim CEO Mira Murati’s short-lived tenure, OpenAI announced Emmett Shear as CEO. Shear promised an inquiry into the firing and later confirmed that the board’s decision was not due to a specific disagreement. However, Altman was apparently attempting to regain his CEO position with support from investors, venture capitalists, and Microsoft. As OpenAI faced potential employee exits, it was revealed that over 500 employees were considering joining Altman’s new venture. The new AI research team led by Altman at Microsoft adds to the turmoil, making it clear that Microsoft has positioned itself as a competitor to OpenAI, which could further spiral the company into crisis.

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