The Uniqueness of the Apple Ring: Patents, Design, and Features

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Samsung has announced that a smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, is in development and may be released in 2024. Smart rings, such as the Oura Ring, have been around for some time and track data points such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, and movement. The attention has now turned to Apple, which has been considering the concept of a smart ring for nearly a decade. The company has filed numerous patents related to the idea, including a miniature touch-enabled display ring that resembles a tiny Apple Watch. Apple has also explored gesture recognition, ultra wideband technology, and pressure-sensitive input for potential smart ring capabilities. Additionally, Apple has considered integrating a smart ring with its head-mounted device, the Apple Vision Pro, for gesture control. Some of Apple’s patents have even gone beyond finger rings to consider expandable ring devices worn across multiple knuckles. Overall, Apple has invested significant time and effort into exploring the potential of smart ring technology.

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