Revolutionary Apple Vision Pro: Detachable Battery Cable Compatible with SIM-Eject Tool

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Apple Vision Pro battery

The proprietary battery pack for Apple Vision Pro has a permanently attached cable, or so we thought, as a user with a SIM eject tool forced the cable free.

Apple Vision Pro doesn’t have a built-in battery to help cut some weight from the already hefty headset. Instead, it uses an external battery pack with a proprietary connector.

It was presumed that the cable connected to the battery wasn’t removable, at least not easily, but Ray Wong of Inverse wiggled it loose with a SIM ejector tool. It seems a small hole next to the cable contains a lock that can be released when pressed, allowing the cable to be removed.

The cable isn’t meant to be removed by users, and even if a user does remove the cable, there isn’t anything that can be accomplished with it. The cable looks like an oversized Lightning connector with twice the pins of the original.

AppleInsider highly recommends that users do not attempt to remove the cable from their Apple Vision Pro battery. If the cable or connector is damaged, it will mean a call to Apple Support and a fee.

Apple Vision Pro launches on February 2. Review units have been in the wild for over a week, and initial opinions on the product have been mixed.

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