Production Begins for 11-inch OLED Displays for iPad Pro

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The 12.9-inch 2022 iPad Pro

According to supply chain sources, Samsung and LG are working on screens for upcoming iPad Pro models. LG has started developing a 13-inch OLED iPad screen and will also produce the thin film transistor for an 11-inch iPad. On the other hand, Samsung will manufacture the 11-inch iPad Pro screen, as well as worked on the 13-inch iPad Pro screen. Reportedly, Apple has reduced its order from 10 million to 8 million units for these screens.

As this will be the first time OLED screens will be used in the iPad lineup, production is expected to increase after an initial testing phase. It is predicted that full production will begin in March, with a launch in April. The two-stack OLED used in the larger iPad Pro screens will result in brighter and longer-lasting displays, despite the increased cost.

Although The Elec is generally a reliable source for information from Apple’s supply chain, it is less accurate in predicting Apple’s future plans. However, the report on the OLED iPad Pro units aligns with previously reported information.

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