Mastering Safari Tab Groups on iPadOS 17

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Tab groups have been in Safari for iPadOS for several years, and can help you organize pages you’ve browsed. Here’s how to use them in iPadOS 17. Tabs in Safari for iOS and iPadOS allow you to open multiple web pages at once – with each page in a separate tab, making reading quicker. A few years ago, Apple added Tab Groups to Safari in iOS and iPadOS, which allows you to group tabs by category into groups with names you define. Each tab group has a name you give it, and you can add multiple web pages in tabs to each group. Tab groups in iPadOS provide convenience by keeping multiple open tabs organized and under control. In iPadOS 17, Apple lets you use tab groups in several ways. You can create new tab groups, add new web pages or favorites to existing groups, switch between tab groups in the sidebar, view tab groups in the Start Page pane, pin tabs, search tabs. Apple calls groups in the Favorites sidebar “Tab Group Favorites”. To use tab groups in Safari for iPadOS, you’ll first want to open one or more web page tabs in Safari by tapping the + button at the top right corner of Safari, opening an existing bookmark or Start Page, or by typing or pasting in a web URL. Once you have multiple web page tabs open in Safari, you’re ready to create tab groups or add pages to existing tab groups. To create a new tab group in Safari on iPadOS, tap the sidebar icon in the upper-left corner, then tap the button with the + in it, and select “New Empty Tab Group”. Next, you’ll be prompted to enter a name for the new tab group, then tap Save. At this point, you now have a new tab group which automatically contains all the tabs you had open when you created the new tab group. You can repeat this process as many times as you like – creating multiple tab groups, each containing a different set of open tabs. To switch between tab groups, simply tap one of the named tab groups from the list in the sidebar on the left. You can create tab group favorites in the Start Page by adding bookmarks with tab group favorites. You can also move, pin, close, and arrange tabs in tab groups. Once you have all your tabs and tab groups set up the way you like, you can add any existing tab to any tab group favorites list. You can also search tabs for text you want to find, and remove tab groups from your iPad or iPhone by pressing and holding a tab group by name in the sidebar. The addition of tab groups in Safari makes opening and managing large sets of web pages easy. By organizing open pages by tab groups, and using tab group favorites, it’s easy to switch between different sets of pages.

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