March 2023 Recap: Classical Music, ChatGPT, and the New Yellow iPhone from Apple

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Apple has had a busy month, with the release of Apple Music Classical and a new yellow iPhone 14 in March 2023. However, it seems the company is also looking ahead to the future in India and trying to mend relations with China.

ChatGPT, a new AI chat agent, has taken over the world and seems to be replacing the need for human examination of Apple news. Apple’s launch of the yellow iPhone 14 has been met with mixed reviews, with many critics focusing on the phone’s unique color.

Apple also released Apple Music Classical, a separate app from the Apple Music one. The new app seems to have some glitches, such as the inability to download music for offline listening and limited compatibility with Apple’s headphones.

In other news, Apple is looking to expand its presence in India, with plans to build a new factory and reshuffle executives to focus on the country as a sales region. However, tensions with China have caused some US CEOs to decline attending the China Development Forum.

Overall, it seems Apple is focused on expanding its global position and capitalizing on new technologies, while also trying to maintain relationships with key markets such as India and China.

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