Exclusive: Apple Vision Pro Won’t Support YouTube and Spotify Apps

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YouTube and Spotify aren’t coming to Apple Vision Pro

Like Netflix, YouTube and Spotify won’t be building specialized apps for Apple Vision Pro, nor will they allow their iPad apps to run on the hardware.

Some of the world’s biggest corporations are taking a wait-and-see approach with Apple’s new hardware, declining to offer any support for apps. Netflix was first to confirm that no native or iPad ported app would come to Apple Vision Pro, and now two more prominent companies join the mix.

Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix make up the world’s biggest streaming services. However, it isn’t clear whether their apps missing from the platform will cause potential buyers to bypass the platform.

Since Apple Vision Pro is an expensive product starting at $3,499 that serves a small niche of use cases, the customers buying the device won’t miss those services. It is likely that developers and Apple fans will be first in line, both of which likely already use competing Apple platforms like Apple TV+, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music.

The news isn’t exactly a surprise, as Google is usually slow, if defiant, about adopting new Apple platforms or features. Spotify is in a similar situation, except it is generally more openly hostile towards Apple and its business models.

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