Upgrade Your Driving Experience with Ottocast Devices – On Sale Now!

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Ottocast launches the AIBox P3 with new features and UI.

Commuters and car enthusiasts can’t live without CarPlay or Android Auto, but the pre-installed UI has its limitations. Ottocast looks to remove those limits with solutions designed to expand your in-car experience.

We explore what Ottocast is all about, some of their in-car solutions that make driving more enjoyable, and what makes their latest product, the AIBox P3, so great. Plus, AppleInsider readers have an opportunity to save $70 with an exclusive coupon code.

Change how you experience CarPlay/Android Auto with Ottocast introduction

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are invaluable tools for drivers, enabling centralized control of primary apps that make being in the car more enjoyable. However, there are some glaring drawbacks, such as vehicle availability and unwieldy cords.

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