Tragic Assault on 11-Year-Old Sends Shockwaves through Argentina, Leading to Suspension of Election Campaigning

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A heart-wrenching incident has struck Argentina as an 11-year-old girl lost her life after a brutal attack during a robbery on her way to school. The preliminary findings from the autopsy revealed that the young girl, Morena Dominguez, succumbed to internal bleeding caused by a forceful blow to her abdomen. This distressing incident has ignited widespread outrage, resulting in protests against escalating crime rates and prompting a suspension of ongoing political campaign activities.In the wake of the tragedy, Argentina’s political landscape has been deeply affected. With primary elections scheduled for the upcoming Sunday, followed by a crucial presidential poll on October 22, the country is grappling with issues of inflation and rising insecurity. These concerns have taken center stage for voters who demand effective measures to address these pressing challenges.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to local media recounted the heart-wrenching events that transpired. Morena Dominguez was en route to school when assailants riding a motorcycle – a sadly common method in the country – struck her, forcefully grabbing her backpack. Following the attack, Dominguez was transported to a hospital, where she eventually succumbed to her severe injuries. Javier Maroni, the director of the Evita health center, reported that despite efforts to revive her, the young girl passed away while under intensive care.Security camera footage capturing the robbery circulated widely across television networks, underscoring the shocking nature of the incident. The tragedy unfolded in Lanus, a locality south of the capital Buenos Aires, where local residents expressed their outrage through protests.The grieving mother, Maria, expressed her anguish on the A24 news channel, questioning the necessity for a child’s death to prompt a response to ensure security. The delayed arrival of the ambulance – reported to have taken 40 minutes – added to the sense of distress.

Authorities swiftly took action, arresting the two individuals responsible for the attack, commonly referred to as “moto-thugs” in Argentina. Yet, this incident has ignited a broader conversation about the need for improved safety and justice in the country.Lanus witnessed a gathering of residents throughout the day outside the local police station, demanding justice for Morena Dominguez. While most protesters conveyed their grievances peacefully, a few resorted to throwing objects at police officers. Chants of “Don’t vote, don’t vote!” echoed through the crowd, expressing the collective frustration over broken promises of security and progress.As night fell, more groups congregated at the Lanus mayor’s office, conveying their fatigue with political assurances that often remain unfulfilled. Resident Rosa Ybarrolla emphasized the disillusionment among the people, stating that while appealing promises are made, the outcomes seldom match the rhetoric. This heartbreaking incident has not only shaken Argentina but also prompted a renewed call for concrete action to ensure the safety and well-being of the nation’s citizens.

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