The Ultimate Stellar T3 Review: Unveiling its Specs, Performance, and Price

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The QRD Stellar T3 offers gamers greater precision with Hall effect joysticks, button mapping, and additional button options at a more affordable price compared to other controller options. With the introduction of Bluetooth controller support, Apple fans are looking for a controller that works with their devices, making the T3 a compelling option because of its functionality and LED color lighting.

Although marketed as a Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED controller, the Bluetooth connectivity allows Apple users to pair the T3 with a Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. The controller has a large footprint and comes in a matte black color, with the option to separate the controllers for couch co-op without requiring a second dedicated controller. The standard button layout includes a D-pad, two Hall-effect joysticks, ABXY buttons, R, L, ZR, ZL, +, -, home, and Bluetooth connect buttons.

In addition to the standard layout, the T3 also has macro buttons, 2x turbo buttons, 2x micro buttons, 2x SL and SR buttons, and 2x vibrate control buttons, as well as a six-axis gyro for added flexibility. The initial button clicks are responsive, and the joysticks feel fluid, promising an enjoyable gaming experience. However, the T3 feels more lightweight than other controllers, which could be good for long sessions but also makes it feel cheap.

The Bluetooth capability means users can connect the T3 to a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and re-map the buttons in settings. The turbo button adds the invaluable ability to simulate rapidly repeated button presses, and users can create custom profiles and controller maps based on the games they frequently play. Using the T3 for the first time takes some getting used to, especially since it is more sensitive than older controllers, making gaming more accurate.

The T3 features bright LED lighting with various color options and brightness levels, as well as a 500mAh battery in each half of the controller. However, when using it with an Apple device, both halves require separate charging, which is inconvenient for Apple users. Despite this drawback, reconnecting the T3 to a MacBook or iPad is straightforward.

Overall, the QRD Stellar T3 provides an enjoyable gaming experience and is more affordable than name-brand controllers from Xbox or Playstation, especially with the added buttons and mapping capability, which are typically reserved for pro-level controllers that cost even more.

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