The Genius of Steve Jobs: Reviving Apple through the Online Apple Store

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Detail from an early appearance of the Apple Store The launch of Apple’s first online store on November 10, 1997, alongside the return of Steve Jobs and the development of the iMac and iPod, was essential to the company’s survival and rejuvenation. Before its launch, Apple had no physical stores, and their products were often pushed aside by third-party retailers. The decision to create an online store was largely influenced by the success of Dell’s online store, despite Michael Dell’s critique of Apple’s future. At its launch, Apple’s online store achieved instant success, generating $12 million in revenue in its first 30 days. The store proved to be vital in Apple’s recovery and growth, eventually leading to the establishment of physical Apple Stores. The online store is now a crucial promotional tool, contributing significantly to the company’s success. Despite its simplicity, the online store handles a vast number of transactions and continues to play a significant role in Apple’s business operations.

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