Rare Steve Jobs Signed Check to RadioShack Expected to Fetch Thousands at Auction

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A check signed by Steve Jobs (Courtesy: RR Auction)

A check signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs paying $4.01 to RadioShack is likely to fetch more than $25,000 in an auction ending on Wednesday.

Forming part of the RR Auctions’ Fine Autograph and Artifacts featuring Science and Technology sale that will be concluding on December 6, one of the items up for auction is an unusual piece of Apple history.

The check from the account of the Apple Computer Company dates back to July 23, 1976, and lists the company’s first official address in Palo Alto. It is written to pay RadioShack a total of $4.01 and is signed by “Steven Jobs.”

Co-founder Steve Wozniak bought the TRS-80 Micro Computer System, which he then used to build his “blue box” to make long-distance calls for free. In the early days of the partnership between Wozniak and Jobs, the pair made and sold around 200 of the boxes for about $150 apiece.

At the time of publication, the lot has reached $22,444 after 21 bids, with an estimated value of at least $25,000, though it will probably sell far higher than that.

In May, another auction for an Apple check signed by Jobs from July 1976 also went up for auction. However, that check to pay Crampton, Remke, and Miller, Inc $175 eventually sold for $106,985.

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