Preventing Favorites from Being Added to Your Apple Music Library

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Some of Apple Music’s newest features can cause some clutter in your library.

The release of iOS 17.2 introduced a few great new features to Apple Music and one potentially major annoyance. Here’s how to keep favorited tracks from being added to your Apple Music library.

However, one addition to these new features is an automatic process. One where anytime you favorite a song or add a song to any of your playlists going forward, it automatically gets inserted into your Apple Music library.

While this isn’t an issue by itself, having your library flooded with every individual song you decide to add to your favorites or a playlist can get very annoying. Luckily there is a way to turn this feature off with a quick trip to your settings app.

How to keep favorites and new playlist items from automatically adding to your library

One small caveat to note is that if and when you remove any of the songs in your library added by this feature, they will also disappear from your favorites or the corresponding playlists, even after you’ve toggled the feature off. If you plan to clean out your library after disabling this feature, be ready to favorite add the songs back to your playlists again.

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