Next Generation of AirPods and AirPods Max Set for 2024 Release

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Apple’s AirPods updates in 2024 will help both ends of the price spectrum, a report claims including two value-oriented AirPods editions and an update to the AirPods Max.

Apple’s AirPods lineup will undergo multiple changes in the year ahead, as the company attempts to refine its offerings to consumers in a way that makes a bit more sense.

In Sunday’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman reiterates some claims about the AirPods lineup changes in 2024, doubling down on the lineup changes after an earlier overhaul claim in October.

The latest report has Apple producing two versions of its lower-end AirPods, which could solve a marketing problem for the lineup. The current $179 mid-tier third-gen model has apparently been a “dud” with consumers, since they look similar to the AirPods Pro but lack its features, and they don’t really offer much new beyond the $129 second-gen model that’s still available.

For the fourth-gen edition, Apple is planning two models, complete with design updates and new cases with USB-C charging. The difference between the two is that the upper-priced model will gain active noice cancellation, expanding the feature beyond the AirPods Pro.

The AirPods Max will also get an update, albeit in somewhat more muted fashion. Following the current trend, Apple will apparently include USB-C connectivity, and may also include extra color options.

The development of a software change, hearing aid functionality, is also planned for launch in 2024, Gurman believes.

The AirPods Pro may miss out in 2024, but an update could surface in 2025. While features like body temperature sensing and health tracking could be a possibility eventually, it’s proposed that Apple will settle on making them more comfortable.

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