Microsoft Copilot AI Chatbot Makes Debut on App Store for iPhone and iPad

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The Microsoft Copilot has been released on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and there are hints of a potential Mac app on the way. It includes all of its AI chat assistant features. Microsoft Copilot is a chat assistant powered by OpenAI, GPT-4, and DALLE 3 that was previously only available on desktop Chrome browsers. It can fulfill requests, generate images, or summarize text, allowing users to complete tasks such as drafting emails or updating a job resume. The image creator feature allows users to utilize DALLE to generate synthetic AI images. By using prompts, users can generate new styles, develop brand motifs, create custom backgrounds, or visualize video storyboards. When we asked it to describe AppleInsider, it provided a detailed description and included sources linked to our website. However, an account is required to generate an image.

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