Mastering Mental Health Logging: A Guide to iOS 17

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Apple has introduced a new mental health assessment and logging option in iOS 17, which encourages you to record how you are feeling or look deeper into general anxiety and other issues. At WWDC 2023, the Health app is now available on the iPad, and new mental health features have been added to the iPadOS 17 version and the iPhone’s iOS 17. One of the features is a Mental Health Assessment questionnaire, and the other is a mental health logging option for prolonged use to see if there are specific factors or recurring issues.

To use the Mental Health Assessment questionnaire, open the Health app, tap the Browse button at the bottom right, scroll down to Mental Wellbeing, then scroll to Get More from Health, and under Mental Health Questionnaire, tap the Take Questionnaire button. The questionnaire is meant to be used as a guide and is not a diagnosis. The results are for informational purposes only, and the data remains private. Users over the age of 13 can access one type of assessment, while users 18 or older can access another type. If the questionnaire is available to a user, they can choose to share its results with a doctor.

For regular mental health logging, open the Health app on your iPhone or iPad, tap on Browse, scroll down to Mental Wellbeing, and tap it, then scroll far down to Logging Your Emotions and Moods. Tap on Get Started and set up the new mental health features. Users can be prompted daily to log their emotions, and the data goes into charts to help identify correlations between different health factors and life factors. To use mental health logging, pick one of two initial options “How you feel right now” or “How you’ve felt overall today,” and follow the prompts to log how you’re feeling and identify what’s impacting you most.

The mental health logging feature also allows the user to select a prompt time to log their feelings, and Apple recommends logging how you’re feeling at least twice a day.

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