Introducing the Clicks Creator: The Innovative Keyboard Case for iPhone

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The Clicks Creator Keyboard is launching for iPhone/span>

The viral Clicks Creator Keyboard case was on display at CES 2024, and we got to try it out for ourselves preceding its spring launch. It isn’t for everyone, but we see the hype behind this iPhone accessory.

Debuting in Bumblebee yellow and Storm Grey, the Clicks Creator Keyboard is a case for your iPhone that adds a physical keyboard. It’s reminiscent of a Blackberry device but with iPhone-specific features.

Clicks Creator Keyboard: Look and feel

The case feels solid, if on the light side. Upping the weight would perhaps have made it feel a bit more premium, but more weight is not what your mobile phone needs.

There is a faux leather patch on the back of the case for added grip

On the back of the case is a small faux-leather patch which provides extra grip and warmth while using the keyboard. Since this is top-heavy, that added texture goes a long way for usability.

The top of the case is flexible, pulling back to slide your phone in and out. We can’t imagine using this 100% of the time, so we’re glad it is easy enough to slip off.

Unfortunately, there is no support for MagSafe in this case. It’s thin enough that charging will work but the magnetic attraction isn’t enough to hold onto a mount or a wallet.

Side view of the Clicks Creator Keyboard in Bumblebee Yellow

Clicks tells AppleInsider that they wanted to add MagSafe, but the magnet made it harder to take the case off your phone. It’s certainly a possible addition to the next iteration of the Creator Keyboard.

When you put your phone into the case it connects via the port on the bottom — either Lightning or USB-C — meaning there is no Bluetooth pairing or charging.

The Clicks case is easy to remove and it has a USB-C or Lightning connector on the inside

The keyboard also takes up very little battery so you shouldn’t notice a reduction in battery life. Plus, there is a matching port on the case for passthrough charging.

Clicks Creator Keyboard: Keyboard keys and performance

The buttons on the keyboard, while small, were easy to hit. It took us right back to the era of the first smartphones and their tactile keys.

Typing on the Clicks Creator Keyboard to send a message

We loved the two iPhone-specific keys that unlock a lot of added functionality — the command key and audio key.

The command key is for any of your existing keyboard shortcuts, similar to on Mac and iPad. CMD+T opens a new tab in Safari, CMD+H takes you to the Home Screen, and CMD+Spacebar opens Spotlight search.

Holding the Clicks Creator Keyboard

Navigating your phone is so quick with the case as you jump between tasks with these shortcuts. It felt natural and effortless.

The audio button is used to open Siri or dictation, depending on where you are. We don’t use dictation all the time but it does make it tempting to tap the button and speak.

Clicks Creator Keyboard in a possible blue colorway

Replying to loads of comments on our YouTube could easily be sped up, not just with the keyboard, but by combining it with more readily accessed dictation.

Clicks Creator Keyboard: Availability and device support

Right now, we’re already halfway through the lifecycle of the iPhone 15 series so for people who upgrade, paying $99 for a case that will need to be replaced in a few months is probably a pass.

The box for the Clicks Creator Keyboard

This is targeting creators specifically though, and that may be key to this early success.

This initial launch may be niche, but if Clicks can have a new model ready to coincide with the iPhone 16 launch this fall, it could be set up for success.

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