How to set up a connection via RDP. RDP connection protection. Does the system support work with a terminal server?

Surely, many of you have heard and seen this abbreviation – it is translated literally as the protocol remote desktop (the Remote Desktop Protocol). If someone is interested in the technical subtleties of this application-level protocol, they can read the literature starting from the same Wikipedia. Purely practical aspects must be considered.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using RDP?

Let’s start with the pleasant – with the pros. The plus is that this tool, which is more correctly called the RDP Client, is available to any Windows user both on the computer from which to control the remote, and to those who want to open remote access to their computer.

By a connection towards a remote desktop, it happens to be possible not only to see the remote desktop and make use of the sources of a remote computer but to connect local disks, smart cards, printers, etc also to it. Obviously, if you wish to listen to music or watch a video via RDP, this procedure use to be dubious to offer you pleasure, as in most cases, you can listen to the audio and see a slide show will most likely be intermittent. But, not for these responsibilities, the RDP service used to be developed.

Another undisputed advantage happens to be that the connection towards a computer use to be carried out with no any extra programs, which are paid mostly, although they use to have their own benefits. If you Buy RDP server access time (which use to be your remote computer) happens to be restricted only by your yearning.

What can be used for remote access via Remote Desktop Protocol?

Administrations, at large, make use of RDP servers to collaborate in the 1C program. And a few deploy even user jobs over them. Hence, a user, particularly if he has a traveling job, might, if he has 3G Internet or hotel/cafe Wi-Fi, connect to his workplace remotely and solve all concerns.

In a few cases, home users might use remote access to their own personal computer for retrieving certain data from home resources. In my opinion, the Remote Desktop Service uses to allow you to fully work with text, graphics, and engineering applications. For the above reasons, it will not work with video and sound processing, but it is still a very significant plus. And you will be able to also view the capitals closed by the policy of the company at work to connect to your home computer with not any vpn, anonymizers, and other evil spirits.

Preparing the Internet

In the above section, it is about the fact that in order to provide the possibility of remote access via the RDP protocol, you need an external IP address. This service can be provided by a provider, so you call or write, or go to your personal account and organize the provision of this address.

Preparing the router

If your computer is not connected directly to the provider’s wire to the Internet, but through a router, you will also have to perform some manipulations with this device. Namely, forward the service port – 3389. Otherwise, NAT your router simply will not let you inside your home network.