Gorilla Glass Review: The Dough Spectrum One Monitor’s Unique Display

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Dough Spectrum One Monitor Review

Dough’s glossy 27-inch 4K HDR Spectrum One monitor is an excellent choice for displays under $1,000, especially with its HDR 600 support and Gorilla Glass. Previously, the sought-after monitor unicorn was a 27-inch 4K HDR display with USB-C at $800 or less. Now, Dough’s Spectrum One monitor ticks all the boxes and comes in at a lower price than its competitors.

One of the most notable features of the Spectrum One is its HDR 600 support, which makes it stand out from other monitors in this price range that offer HDR 400. The HDR 600 support ensures that HDR content is displayed without compromising the quality of other elements on the screen.

While the Spectrum One stand comes at a $100 premium, it is a must-have add-on, particularly for those who don’t already have a VESA stand. The stand allows for vertical adjustment and rotation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Although Apple’s Studio Display is our top pick for monitors, its high price may be a deterrent for some users. However, the Spectrum One presents itself as a viable alternative to the Studio Display, providing excellent performance at a lower cost.

Despite some past concerns associated with the Eve brand, the Dough Spectrum One monitor is a solid option for users seeking a reliable display.

In terms of design, the Spectrum One monitor features a sleek, cable-free stand that blends seamlessly with its edge-to-edge display, black bezels, and minimal branding. The display itself is just over an inch thick, with a hump on the back for cable connections and a total of nine ports for connectivity.

We tested the monitor with a 14-inch MacBook Pro using a single USB-C connection and found that it supported connecting at a variable 144Hz with HDR enabled. The Gorilla Glass model of the monitor features a high-quality, glare-reducing glass that enhances the overall display quality.

The Spectrum One also offers plenty of connectivity options, allowing for a multi-device setup with ease. The addition of a USB hub eliminates the need for an external hub or additional connections, making it a convenient choice for users with multiple devices. The monitor’s well-executed HDR mode and single USB-C connection with 100W power and data further contribute to its appeal.

Overall, the Spectrum One is a positive experience with excellent clarity and color reproduction, priced competitively for its specs. For users willing to forego the native Retina resolution, the Spectrum One presents itself as a compelling alternative to Apple’s Studio Display.

While Dough, formerly known as Eve, has faced some past concerns, the company has assured us that these issues have been resolved. With its impressive performance, the Dough Spectrum One monitor is a solid choice for users in search of a reliable and competitively priced display.

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