Experience the Latest Innovation with the Sixth Developer Beta of visionOS

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Apple has provided developers with the sixth beta build of visionOS to try out, as the release of the Apple Vision Pro slowly approaches.

The sixth beta for visionOS can be acquired by developers and downloaded to their Mac, which currently serves as the development platform for Apple Vision Pro apps in lieu of the headset in most cases. This is due to Apple’s tight control over developer kits for the device.

Developers are able to use the updated visionOS within Xcode, as the updates usually include changes to the visionOS simulator itself.

The sixth beta arrives after the fifth, which landed on November 1. The fourth arrived on October 3, while the third was released on August 29, and the second beta was issued on July 25.

The sixth build is number 21N5300a, replacing the fifth beta, build number 21N5260b.

Though AppleInsider normally warns users not to install beta operating systems or software onto primary or “mission critical” hardware due to the possibility of data loss, the lack of hardware means it isn’t a factor for the vast majority of beta participants. Instead, holders of loaner hardware have more reason to go ahead and install the new beta as soon as they can download it.

It is unclear what exactly is in the sixth beta. The last one, beta five, included access to the App Store and Testflight apps, as well as the Mindfulness app.

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