Discover the World of Apple Vision Pro with Apple’s New Guided Tour Video

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Apple’s Allessandra McGinnis takes a new Vision Pro user through a guided tour

Apple has a new video that reveals far more about using Apple Vision Pro than it’s shown before.

Apple demoed Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, and it’s been giving selected journalists a walkthrough in person, but now it’s released an almost 10-minute guided tour. It’s done as if we are with someone being shown how to use Vision Pro for the first time, and it’s a particularly well-produced video.

Presented on Apple’s new Vision Pro site, the video is hosted by Allessandra McGinnis Product Manager, Apple Vision Pro. She demonstrates the functions of Vision Pro to a man, named only as Will, who is said to have never tried it before.

The video covers everything that has already been revealed about Vision Pro, such as opening apps, moving and resizing them, plus Will gets to the meditation and mindfulness app that hands-on reviewers have described.

What’s new, though, is the specifics of how all of the actions are accomplished. Through Will, we are shown how to zoom into a photo, or stretch that photo out to room size, for instance.

Plus, while this is only shown briefly, the tour details how to use Vision Pro with a Mac, to have the computer’s screens appear floating in the headset. And it also shows just how someone approaching the Vision Pro wearer comes into view even when the user is seemingly surrounded by images.

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