Black toilet: A new era of bathroom interior

Plumbing systems in dark colors are presented on the market in both the economy, medium, and luxury segments. The toilet bowl catalog contains models of domestic and foreign brands. They come with a complete installation, with a high cistern, floor standing, hanging, attached, rimless, with a bidet function, therefore they are not inferior in variety to their white counterparts. In addition to many configurations, black models for the bathroom are different:

Original design;

  • Versatility (plumbing is suitable for home, hotels, cafes, offices, or clubs);
  • Less easily soiled.

Buy a black toilet

You can order inexpensive non-standard plumbing fixtures from us wholesale or retail. The Internet catalog “Plumbing-Tut” offers a large selection of black plumbing. Among the regular customers are designers, repair companies, and developers who have cumulative discounts and delivery bonuses. It is among the top stores and has been cooperating with more than 600 brands for more than 9 years, therefore reliability and favorable pricing justify the popularity with customers. You can buy a black toilet bowl in a chain of company stores or other regions, on the website, or contact a manager who will answer your questions and help you place an order.

What is so good about a black toilet?

A black toilet with Black Toilet Seat, unlike a classic white one, is not suitable for every toilet. But when used in the right environment, it can accentuate the style and create the right flavor. Black sanitary ware is typical of interiors in styles such as modern minimalism and art deco. In a high-tech toilet or bathroom, a black toilet will set a futuristic tone. It will create an atmosphere of luxury in glamorous and Art Deco interiors. Whatever one may say, black is always perceived as more sophisticated and dramatic. 

Toilet design with black toilet

Initially, this solution is not suitable for every man in the street due to the gloom of the color. In addition, most people fear that they will not be able to find a good design for this non-standard item. Designing a toilet with a black toilet is quite a challenge. And the last nuance touches on some of the difficulties associated with the maintenance of dark-colored sanitary ware. Water in its composition has elements that leave deposits of light tones on the surfaces, which are not very visible on white equipment, and on a black toilet bowl they are clearly “an eyesore”. In this regard, the black toilet has to be cleaned quite often (it is better to do this every day). Not everyone uses to be proficient in that kind of daily feats.  


A black toilet bowl, in comparison with a traditional white one, may not fit into any bathroom interior. However, when applied in a competently designed environment, it is able to highlight the stylistic direction and reproduce the necessary flavor. Dark-colored equipment is traditional for interiors in the following areas: glamor, art deco, hi-tech. In a high-tech bathroom, a black toilet will accentuate the futuristic tone. For art deco and glamorous trends, it will help reproduce a luxurious setting. Whichever side you look at, the dark color constantly implies drama and sophistication.