Apple’s EU Concessions Fall Short of Expectations

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The devious new strategy that Apple is using to counter Europe’s new Digital Markets Act law is a classic example of Malicious Compliance. Apple is putting developers in a difficult position by forcing them to choose between making their apps exclusive to the App Store, which would violate the DMA, or accepting a new anticompetitive scheme that includes Junk Fees on downloads and new Apple taxes on payments they don’t process.

Apple is proposing that it can decide which stores are allowed to compete with the App Store, potentially blocking companies like Epic from launching their own store and distributing games like Fortnite. Epic is determined to compete with the App Store and become the #1 multi-platform software store, offering payment competition, lower fees, and exclusive games.

Epic has always supported the idea of Apple checking apps for malware, but they strongly oppose Apple’s attempt to use this process to stifle competition and continue imposing fees on transactions they are not involved in.

There are many more concerning aspects to Apple’s announcement, and it will take time to fully understand the implications. Stay tuned for more updates.

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