Apple Watch Reemerges, QR Code Dangers, and Slow Horses

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All current Apple Watches are now again on sale in Apple Stores

The Apple Watch is back on sale for now, QR codes are being used by fraudsters, plus a very few but entirely accurate predictions for 2024, all on the last AppleInsider Podcast of 2023.

Just picture all those workers at the Apple Store, they’ve finally got all their Apple Watch stock packed away nicely, and now they have to get it out again. At least for now.

While they prepare for sales again, you should too — New Year’s sales turn out to be a goldmine for fraudsters who are into QR codes. Whether it’s sending you you phishing emails with a QR code, or physically slapping a printed one over a store’s genuine posters, you need to watch out for scams.

More cheerfully, Apple TV+ is doing well and tourists are actually visiting Britain’s dreariest office building — because it’s the one featured in the tremendous “Slow Horses.”

Plus as it’s the last week of the year, it’s time to slam the entire concept of New Year Resolutions — and also offer what are surely the only totally accurate predictions for Apple’s 2024.

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