Apple Watch Owners Receive Official watchOS 10.3 Update

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Apple Watch owners can download watchOS 10.3

After weeks of testing, Apple has officially released the new watchOS 10.3 update to Apple Watch users with stability and performance improvements.

Following its progression from the first developer beta released on December 12 to the third beta on January 9, watchOS 10.3 is shaping up to be a focused update, honing in on performance improvements and bug fixes.

The beta builds of watchOS 10.3 didn’t have any significant new features, suggesting that Apple is concentrating on enhancing the system’s underlying stability and performance. This kind of update is crucial for maintaining the smooth operation of the devices and ensuring that new features introduced in previous versions operate at their best.

Meanwhile, the watchOS 10.2 update, released on December 11, brought significant enhancements, particularly in terms of Siri integration and user interface improvements. It allowed Siri to access health data, enabling users to query various health statistics using voice commands.

The addition of Siri access made retrieving information like heart rate or exercise data more convenient, especially during workouts or other situations where hands-free operation is preferable. Additionally, watchOS 10.2 reinstated the swipe gesture for changing watch faces, a user-friendly feature for quickly switching styles or accessing different functionalities.

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