Apple Vision Pro Vulnerability Discovered Months Before Official Release, Researcher Reveals

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A forced restart of the Apple Vision Pro [x/0xjprx]

Shortly after the release of the Apple Vision Pro, a security researcher claims to have created a kernel exploit for visionOS, which could lead to a potential jailbreak and the creation of malware.

The introduction of new hardware often triggers a rush of security researchers and malware developers trying to bypass the operating system’s security. Just as jailbreak developers attempt to bypass iOS security, individuals are already causing security issues for the Apple Vision Pro.

In a recent Friday tweet by MIT Microarchitectural Security PHD student Joseph Ravichandran, it was claimed that a kernel exploit had been created for the Apple Vision Pro, possibly the first publicly discovered exploit.

The tweets, discovered by iDevice Central, show a few photos demonstrating how the Apple Vision Pro responds to the attempted kernel exploit. Upon introduction, the Apple Vision Pro enters a full passthrough view, and then warns the user to remove the headset as it will restart within 30 seconds.

After the restart, another image shows a panic log for the headset, indicating that the kernel had crashed.

Considering Apple’s proactive approach to addressing security issues and the high-profile nature of the Apple Vision Pro launch, it is likely that Apple will release an update to fix the problem if it is disclosed.

At this very early stage, given the slow distribution of devices to tech-savvy early adopters, it seems unlikely that the discovery will cause significant issues for Apple and its users.

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