Apple Introduces Apple Vision Pro Spatial Video in iOS 17.2 beta 2 for iPhone

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Settings toggle in iOS 17.2 beta 2 for Spatial Video recording

Not many new features in the second beta of iOS 17.2 except for Spatial Video recording for Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro boasts a three-dimensional camera, capable of capturing spatial photographs and videos for headset viewing. iOS 17.2 beta 2 introduces the first traces of this feature promised for iPhone 15 Pro.

Spatial videos are recorded in 1080p and consume about 130 megabytes per minute, 40% more than non-3D 1080p video. The files are stored in “Apple HEVC Stereo Video” format with the “hvc1” codec.

Each video sample of the track contains both left-eye and right-eye views, with the flexibility to designate the primary eye as either left or right. Backward compatibility features allow decoding the base layer of the video track for presentation without stereoscopic treatment.

Differences in tracks filmed on Apple Vision Pro versus iPhone 15 Pro are unclear. The camera separation on the Apple Vision Pro is similar to the human eye gap, while the iPhone 15 Pro lenses are about a half-inch apart.

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