Advancements in Microphone Technology to Enhance Siri on iPhone 16

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Siri may be improved by the iPhone 16 gaining better microphones

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 16 will have significantly improved microphones. This is part of Apple’s plan to enhance the integration of AI into Siri. Most rumors about the iPhone 16 focus on camera upgrades, but Kuo claims that Apple is planning a radical improvement to Siri on iOS 18, and the iPhone 16 will have new microphones to assist with this advancement. Kuo’s supply chain information suggests that all iPhone 16 models will feature upgraded microphone specifications and a better signal-to-noise ratio to improve the Siri experience. Kuo also reports that Apple has reorganized its Siri team to integrate Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content and Large Language Model, and voice input will be the primary interface for this technology on mobile smartphones. Strengthening Siri’s hardware and software features is key to promoting this new technology. While this is the first report of planned microphone improvements for the iPhone, it aligns with recent reports of Apple’s significant investment in AI development for Siri, with the goal of making it better by 2024.

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